Additional ScarWork training undertaken

The successful group of Scarwork trained practitioners went on to their advanced Scarwork for Breast Surgery Course in Luton this weekend under the expert instruction of Emma Holly assisted by Megan Bennett and Jakki Heiss.

It was a wonderful experience working alongside other therapists and even more special as we got to work on some amazing women who came as volunteer clients for our training.

This means that I am now happy to offer ScarWork for all types of scar : surgical as well as injury related. 

A short telephone conversation is essential before booking your appointment to discuss your specific needs. 

Message me in the first instance and then we can set up a suitable time for a short, free telephone consultation. And then we can plan from there. 


Your health is my priority and so I have suspended all treatments and training until such time as this emergency has passed.
I will be delighted to re-book your appointment and continue your training as soon as I can.
Please message me if you need to talk about anything - happy to be here for you.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)