Adventures in Spain with EMMETT Technique

Judith and the EMMETT in Spain team have been busy this summer.



Modules 1, 2 & 3 are now complete and an EMM-Tech – Short EMMETT Course have also been completed. Another EMM-Tech course is just about to start in Orgiva in Granada at the beginning of October.



Plans are moving ahead for a new EMMETT Practitioner course to start in May of 2017, with interest already coming in from local professionals and therapists – as well as some interest from overseas for people who want to start learning or to review EMMETT modules whilst relaxing in the sunshine of Spain and the peace of the training centre near Alicante – El Regalo de la Paz.

There are also plans to visit and demonstrate EMMETT Technique in other cities around Spain – including Murcia, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca, Tenerife and San Sebastian over the coming year – an ambitious plan to spread the EMMETT word in Spain. Short EMMETT courses will follow and this will build the interest in Emmett practitioner courses too.IMG_1591

So if you are considering a holiday and learning experience all in one – do get in touch with Judith as soon as possible.



Your health is my priority and so I have suspended all treatments and training until such time as this emergency has passed.
I will be delighted to re-book your appointment and continue your training as soon as I can.
Please message me if you need to talk about anything - happy to be here for you.

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