Emmett Technique for Vocal Performers … part 2

emmett technique for singers

WHAT ARE THE MAIN PROBLEM AREAS FOR SINGERS?  2. BREATH Everyone benefits from breathing well but for singers good breathing is essential. Emmett Technique can help you release the tense muscles which may impede good breathing – these include the diaphragm, abdominal muscles, chest, shoulders, neck and back muscles. What is good breathing? Posture erect but Continue reading »

Emmett Technique for Singers and Performers

emmett technique for singers

WHAT ARE THE MAIN PROBLEM AREAS FOR SINGERS? 1. POSTURE Emmett Technique has several simple ways to help improve your posture Posture doesn’t need to be textbook perfect in order to sing but improving your posture is one way of increasing your control and providing your voice with the optimum conditions for reaching its potential. Continue reading »

Are you a serious runner : triathlete?

Are you a serious runner or triathlete? It is never too late to try a session of Emmett Technique if you are getting ready for a competition or recovering from an event. Emmett Technique can be used right before an event or even during an event. It is a simple and effective technique to restore Continue reading »

Advanced Emmett Training

On my road to recovery after my accident in February this year I have had a busy return to work. Last week i spent a lovely day at the YMCA in Neath at their Health and Wellbeing day with my colleagues from The Wellness Centre. Then I spent a day treating clients that had been Continue reading »

Available for appointments after Easter

Thank you all for your support and messages during my enforced rest since February 3rd. Surprisingly the time seems to have gone quite quickly! I am now back on both feet and using only one crutch around the house. I am out of plaster cast and also out of the removable boot for most of Continue reading »

Enforced rest for Every Body’s Better

I apologise to all my clients and EMM-Tech students for the major disruption to my practise since February 3rd 2014! With the best of intentions to start spring cleaning early, we bought an expanding ladder to get into the attic to start from the top of the house and de-clutter! Well, half way up the Continue reading »

Emmett for Roller Derby Athletes

Are you already playing Roller Derby? Or you may be thinking of starting this exciting and growing sport – played mainly by female athletes but increasingly by male athletes here in the UK. This extremely physical sport demands that your body is flexible and in good condition if you are to be an effective team Continue reading »

Articles on Emmett Technique

Here are some of the articles available about the Emmett Technique If you have any additional sources do please add a link in the comment section below: Emmett Technique An article written by Judith Johnson in Labyrinth Magazine: go to this link to view the whole magazine  http://www.labyrinthmagazine.co.uk/media/ISSUE%20NUMBER%201.pdf A Natural Pages Article on Ross Emmett Continue reading »

Difference between Treatment & Maintenance

It has been a busy time with lots of new clients experiencing Emmett treatments for the first time. However growing numbers of clients are also seeing and feeling the benefit of returning for regular maintenance sessions. So what is the difference between ‘treatment’ and ‘maintenance’. Treatment is considered to be the fixing of a current Continue reading »

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