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Come and join us for your introduction to the EMMETT Technique. Don’t forget that if you have already completed this course, you can review the course for half the normal fee. Please see the application form at the bottom of this page.

Suitable for professional groups, therapy groups, carers groups, parents support groups, sports groups e.g. running clubs, roller derby teams, rugby & football teams or simply a group of friends who want to learn a great package of procedures to help themselves, family, friends or colleagues. If you have a group of people who want the course run at your own location please get in touch through the contact page.

I offer courses in Wales [and beyond] for people who are interested in learning a number of procedures that help with neck, shoulder, leg, grip and balance restrictions.

EMM-Tech short course [see www.emmett-uk.co.uk ;  www.emmett-spain.com & www.emmett-espana.com for more details]

The EMM-Tech short course was created by Ross Emmett so that non-therapists would have the opportunity to use some of his work for self-care and to help friends and family.

Ross has licensed many qualified EMMETT Therapists to act as Tutors for the EMM-Tech course which are held at different locations throughout the UK and Ireland. The course is of eight hours duration.  No prior experience is necessary, allowing everybody a chance to learn these great techniques. 

No special equipment is needed to be able to carry out these techniques – just bring your hands and a willingness to learn.

This course does not, on its own, constitute a professional qualification and participants are advised to seek professional help where appropriate.


Course Content

The EMMETT Releases taught are:-

•Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) to free up neck rotation problems.

•Pectoralis Minor used for shoulder problems, and difficulty reaching the arm behind the body.

•Biceps 2 moves to release the shoulder when there is a restriction on lifting the arm. An excellent tool to help with frozen shoulder and with any biceps strain.

•Forearm release will help improve grip strength. Can also help with elbow problems, and RSI.

•Latissimus dorsi release frees up the arm lift where there is a “dragging” under the arm. Also great for addressing lower back tightness and pain.

•Diaphragm/Abdominal release – to open out the ribcage and help with breathing difficulties. Releases tight abdominal muscles and hunched over posture. Allows people to breathe more easily and deeply.

•ITB release. Quicker and simpler and more comfortable  than massage techniques!

•ITB/Sartorius where there is difficulty squatting and lack of strength in the legs.

•Gastroc/calf for tense tight and fluid filled calves. Also assists balance.

•Foot Balance moves to assist balance and stability.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course suitable for?

The course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in releasing their own muscle tensions or helping others release theirs. No previous bodywork experience is necessary – you may be:

•a carer wanting to help an elderly relative ease their pain and discomfort

•a mother wanting a first aid kit of easy muscle releases to help their children with day to day aches and pains of growing up

•an amateur sport enthusiast needing to release their own aching muscles

•an exercise professional such as a personal trainer or Pilates instructor wanting to help your clients extend their range of movement

•a therapist or health professional already and want an introduction to the EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course picking up some extra releases for your tool kit in the process

What will I learn?

You will learn how to recognise when areas of the body are too tight and how to release the tension in 11 muscles in the legs, shoulders, back and neck. The results from these moves are usually immediate – you will be able to see and feel the changes for yourself and after a short demonstration and practise you will be able to achieve the same kind of results for yourself and others.

How is the course assessed?

EMM-Tech is not an assessed course however students are supervised during practice sessions and extra assistance is offered where required, so all become confident to perform the moves. A certificate of attendance is awarded at the end of the 8 hour course.

Can I use the training days as Continued Professional Development (CPD)?

This will depend on which professional body you have membership of. If you contact your own association and enquire whether you will be allowed to claim CPD. EMMETT Therapies is happy to help by providing them with information about the course for them to evaluate.


The current cost for each participant is £110 in the UK. Payment is required on booking a place on a course. 

Please note:

New addition to the EMM-Tech Course Family


In an exciting new development, in conjunction with Ross Emmett and EMMETT Therapies HQ in Australia, a new course has been launched for people in the foot care world – this includes Reflexologists, Chiropodists, Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioners – this is not an exclusive list – but do contact me to see if your qualifications fit our brief.

The 14 hour practical, hands-on training will start with the 8 hour EMM-Tech course, which involves learning the basic principles of EMMETT Technique and 11 procedures to help the whole body – from feet to head as listed above. This is great for self care and is considered a muscle “first-aid” suitable for everyone. The first day will be open to students who only wish to do this part of the course and in that case the cost to them will be £110.

The second day will be a set of 6 more moves taken from the practitioner and advanced course, but focussed specifically on helping the lower leg and feet. This part of the course will cost an additional £100. For those wanting to complete the full 14 hours i.e. the general EMM-Tech plus the foot care day, the full cost will be £210 

Those who have previously completed EMM-Tech may repeat the general day for half price – and this is recommended, especially if there is a long time since it was completed previously. We would want everyone to be up to speed to start the Foot Care day, as we will be focussing on the foot moves. 

This is a fantastic way to learn more about what EMMETT can do in your specialist field. We consider it an in-between step from the Introductory course to the Practitioner course. 

The first course was held in Penybanc, near Ammanford, Carmarthenshire in June. The tutors were Judith Johnson and Carol Fisher. Carol is a very experienced reflexologist as well as being a Certified Advanced EMMETT Practitioner and EMM-Tech Tutor. Judith has been practising EMMETT for 12 years, is a Certified Advanced EMMETT Practitioner as well as an EMMETT Practitioner Course Instructor both here in the UK and Internationally.

We are very excited to have offered this for the first time anywhere, worldwide. New dates will be confirmed once the Covid-19 crisis has passed.

Please make contact if you would like more information and application form is available below.


What participants have to say:

 Would you recommend this course to a friend / another therapist?

Absolutely! because I think this is an extremely useful additional tool to any therapy [DB Carmarthen]

 Friendly, helpful course, easy to follow [AR, Carmarthen]

 General Comments

Thank you for the great weekend, I really enjoyed the course you made me feel at ease as soon as I came in.  You explained all the techniques really well and I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. I am feeling confident with the practice I have been doing.
Regards C, Pontardawe 2018)

 Judith puts you at ease and I loved the informality of the course. I will definitely use this in my practice. An extremely useful addition to my therapeutic toolbox [DB, Carmarthen]

As a non-therapist, I found this course very informative and enjoyable. It has given me lots of confidence. Judith was great! [LB. Carmarthen]


All course dates on the EMM-Tech application form

EMM-Tech Application Form

Application for Easy Muscle Management Courses
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    This additional 6 hour course is for people with qualifications in Reflexology Chiropody, Podiatry, Foot Health Practitioner only. The general EMM-tech must have been completed first.
  • Would you be able to bring a treatment couch / reflexology chair if required
    I understand that by supplying my contact details, I give permission for the course iNstructor to pass my details to EMMETT Therapies UK & Ireland (ET UK) and also to EMMETT Therapies Head Office, so that I may be kept informed of important EMMETT Technique information. I understand I can request my details be deleted at any time. I do not give permission for my contact details to be passed to any third party.
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