Emmett Technique during Pregnancy

Physical changes during Pregnancy

As the centre of gravity changes during pregnancy, so do the stresses on the spine. Common pregnancy pains are gently treated allowing relaxation for the expectant mother.


Some of the main problems experienced in pregnancy are:

Backache / Aching legs
Headaches / Fatigue / Decreased energy
Nausea / Dizziness / Breathlessness / Heartburn
The spine and pelvis are particularly vulnerable because of the stress of carrying the weight of the baby. Hormonal changes make the pelvis more supple during later pregnancy. This is when back aches seem to not only intensify, but also appear more frequently as the baby gets heavier.

Emmett & Bowen techniques can be performed on an expectant mother almost up until labour begins and within a few hours of giving birth. This can help to calm the body and aid the body in returning to its natural, relaxed pre-pregnancy state.

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