Enforced rest for Every Body’s Better

I apologise to all my clients and EMM-Tech students for the major disruption to my practise since February 3rd 2014!

With the best of intentions to start spring cleaning early, we bought an expanding ladder to get into the attic to start from the top of the house and de-clutter!

Well, half way up the ladder, it decided to snap through the aluminium upright and dump me to the ground. I knew instantly that the left ankle was broken, but didn’t realise how badly at the time.

the paramedic arrived very quickly and was calm and reassuring, followed by a 2 man ambulance which also arrived within 20 minutes! Not the story being told by other people in hospital with me at the same time. Good timing on my part!

I have been told I did a really good job of it! A fracture dislocation of left tibia and fibula plus a crack in the calcaneus bone. So following external fixation to stabilise; internal fixation to align the fracture and 12 days in hospital to recover.

IMG_0257Realistically i will be unable to work or teach until end of April – so my apologies again to everyone who had appointments booked and also to those who wanted to start their Emmett learning journeyby completing the EMM-Tech course with me.


Let me know if there is anyway I can help with advice or referral.

kind regards