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More details about how the technique works, training in the technique and registered UK EMMETT Practitioners can be found at the following site : www.emmett-uk.co.uk

Ross Emmett’s own website gives more information about Ross’ own background and how he works : http://www.rossemmett.com.au

Now there is also a section of the emmett-uk.com website  which describes the use of EMMETT technique with horses and dogs.

The new EMMETT Technique in Spain website is online at www.emmett-spain.com and the Spanish version is at www.emmett-espana.com

Don’t forget to mention this site when you make contact with any of these organisations.


Social Media Links

Facebook : Every Body’s Better; Emmett-Spain

Twitter:      @emmett_hands; @pregnancyplus; @emmett_spain; @emmett_uk

LinkedIn:    Judith Johnson; Every Body’s Better; Emmett in Spain

Articles and Videos

There are several articles that you may be interested in reading. I have posted links to the original article wherever possible.

An article from the online magazine Complete Health when Ross Emmett was interviewed in April 2015 here in the UK:



Article written by Judith Johnson to introduce EMMETT Technique on a new therapy website called Focus On Yoga and Therapy :



An article written by Judith Johnson in Labyrinth Magazine: go to this link to view the whole magazine  http://www.labyrinthmagazine.co.uk/media/ISSUE%20NUMBER%201.pdf

A Natural Pages Article on Ross Emmett and his technique:                                       http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/article/Emmett_Technique_Outback_Therapist_with_A_Vision

A brief article on Emmett Technique from the Huffington Post:                      http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/paola-bassanese/the-emmett-technique_b_4092466.html

An article published in Federation of Holistic Therapists magazine written by Debbie Buck http://www.fht.org.uk/mainwebsite/resources/document/emmett%20technique.pdf

Interesting Reading or watching suggestions About the EMMETT Technique


Our own UK & Ireland


For information about the EMMETT Technique for people and animals; course information and practitioner listing

International EMMETT Therapies


For international information from the headquarters of EMMETT therapies for people and animals; course information and international practitioner and instructor listings

Video Clips

See https://emmett-technique-hq.com/products/books-downloads

Paid for interviews of Ross Emmett and also a short book of Ross’ stories


Interview of Ross Emmett


Benefits of emmett technique


Development of Emmett Technique


Emmett around the world


Emmett training


Ross Emmett demo of head rotation


Ross Emmett demo of arm elevation


Ross Emmett demo head rotation


is your watch affecting your grip


A child’s treatment – video by Rusty Boterhoek


40 minutes Ross Emmett demo in Cardiff 2012


First in a series of question & answer Ross Emmett


Emmett UK & Ireland intro to EMMETT Technique


Ross Emmett plays pool & explains his technique

You will find a lot more videos online at both vimeo and youTube.

These will give you a start