An Introduction to Emmett Technique in Pregnancy

Emmett Technique is being used by practitioners in many countries to help with the unique changes during pregnancy.

It is also one of the few therapies that can be performed in their entirety with the patient sitting or standing.

It is not contraindicated during pregnancy as are some other complementary therapies.

A successful birth for both mother and child will be more easily achieved when healthcare is established as an essential element during pregnancy and after the birth.

Emmett Therapy can help maintain health and relaxation for both mother and baby.

One of the happiest sessions of therapy can be when the whole family come for the first time after the birth.

The challenges of parenthood, and indeed grandparenthood, can be overlooked.

We tend to forget that our bodies may feel the strain from in the early days, weeks and sometimes many months of broken sleep. The extra effort of lifting the baby and  the baby equipment in and out of the car; carrying the baby and when they start toddling all that back breaking bending over to hold onto little hands ……….

So if you have a baby on the way, why not help yourself get ready for the birth and maintain your own health whilst looking after the precious new addition to your family.

Talk to your local Emmett practitioner as part of your preparation.

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