Why just MOT your Car?

The start of a New Year is a common time to think about New Year Resolutions and how we look after ourselves. Even if we don’t make resolutions, as such, many of us will be reviewing how we eat, how we move, and how we take care of ourselves.

Most magazines and newspapers carry ‘diet’ regimes and many of us feel guilty enough to try a new diet for a New Year, only to loose the willpower and feel even more guilty for failing!

Why not make a different sort of change for 2015?

Treat your body to a complementary therapy regime that will make you feel more mobile, in less discomfort and less tension or stress than you experienced in 2014.

Photo of elderly red mini car


Your health is my priority and so I have suspended all treatments and training until such time as this emergency has passed.
I will be delighted to re-book your appointment and continue your training as soon as I can.
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