Light Touch works for Sportspeople too

Sports Injuries

Every Body’s Better treats all those involved in sports – at whatever level.

I love hearing from happy clients about how the EMMETT Technique has improved their quality of life, however, the EMMETT Technique DOES NOT claim to treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. It may help relax areas of tension and allow the area of the body treated to feel lighter and easier.  All client stories are in their own words and are published here with their permission. Each person is unique and may have their own individual responses.

Read this testimonial from a client:

EMMETT Technique for Serious Runner

I have been using EMMETT Technique for over 2 years and first discovered it at the Long Course weekend Expo in Tenby, S.Wales. At the time, I was experiencing very tight gluteal area and was really struggling to run, I had tried stretching more and massage, but the tightness just seemed to be getting worse. I spoke with Judith at the event, and with about 5 mins of EMMETT technique treatment ( mainly on my feet and IT band) the discomfort disappeared and I was fit to run. It was unbelievable!

I met Judith again a few months later at the Ironman Wales Expo, and again I was injured, this time it was my groin, and the injury was so sore I had been unable to run for 6 weeks. I asked Judith if she could recommend anything as I had been resting for 8 weeks already, and every time I attempted to run the pain was unbearable. After 5 mins of treatment (in my core muscles) I was fit and almost ran off the bed!

Over 6 months later in the build up of training for London marathon I experienced a stabbing pain in my knee whilst on a long run. I had to limp home and was unable to run. With this being the Wednesday before the Llanelli half marathon on the Sunday I was very upset. I saw Judith for an emergency appointment on the Thursday and was back running that evening, and did a PB in the race.

I have seen Judith regularly to prevent injury and as soon as I have a slight niggle I make an appointment and it’s very easily corrected.

I cannot recommend the technique enough and think it is something all runners should try. I have just completed my 2nd London marathon with a PB and experienced no pain and my muscles and body are fine afterwards.

I try and see Judith a few times in the lead up to big races to re-balance / iron out any slight niggles and this prevents imbalances which lead to other injures.

Liz, Carmarthen 

Beginner .. Weekend enthusiast .. Serious amateur .. Semi Professional .. Professional ?

girl running winning tape

No one doubts that sport benefits us in many ways – increased cardiovascular fitness; increased muscle strength; increased flexibility as well as the improved quality of life that may be gained through the social nature of many sporting activities and, importantly …… for pure fun !

It is equally important to start out well on the road to active participation in the sport of your choice. Get help from the experts – personal trainers, therapists etc and follow their advice.

The amateur sports enthusiast can sometimes make the mistake of starting full out with a new sport without thinking about the stress they may be putting on muscles that are weak or stiff, tendons and ligaments that are not yet flexible enough.

It is interesting to stand on the first tee of any 18 hole golf course and watch as the first shot goes totally off line – not unusual for us high handicappers [!] – but also not surprising if the golfer hasn’t warmed up the muscles needed to swing a full out driver !

father and son golf sillouetteThen see how much time professionals spend on the practice ground before playing. What we don’t see is the time also spent in the gym or getting a massage / muscle release treatment on a regular basis. They keep themselves as fit and supple as possible to enable them to perform well and to keep performing well for many years.

Another example is the new gym enthusiast – who wants to show that they can do everything in a circuit and push so very hard without warming up properly or cooling down afterwards.

Sounds familiar ?

athlete knee treatmentThis way leads to injury, pain and physical damage ! It also dampens enthusiasm and can lead to giving up before you can truly enjoy the sport you’ve chosen.

At Every Body’s Better we do not pretend to be experts at physical training for sports – what can be offered is a relaxation programme that addresses all the major muscle groups, tendons and ligaments. It is advised that you contact a professional trainer or physiotherapist for advice on exercise, stretching and muscle strengthening.

Judith is happy to work alongside other sports professionals to give you the best chance to enjoy your sport.

Fitness and Prevention


As discussed above, Judith can carry out relaxing treatments that will release tense muscles and tendons, allowing the body to work at it’s best level of efficiency.

A short course of sessions – depending on level of fitness may be beneficial. Consider follow up sessions once a month or so to keep the body balanced.

Acute Injury

Acute injury is one where the damage is instant i.e. strains, sprains, contusions, fractures resulting in pain, swelling, tenderness, weakness and the inability to use the injured area.

It is always important to seek medical advice immediately after such an injury.

EMMETT  Technique is gentle enough to use on areas of discomfort but it is best to check with a doctor before starting any course of therapy.

male tennis silouhette

If treatment can be started soon after the injury, the body has little time to develop a pattern of holding itself in an un-balanced posture to protect the injured area.

Each injury will be different. There may be injuries that respond very quickly to a single session or some that will need more time to improve.

There may also be injuries that benefit from 2 or 3 sessions of EMMETT Technique with only a short time between sessions.

Chronic Injury

horse ridingChronic injuries are those that occur over an extended period of time and are sometimes called overuse injuries.

As with acute injuries, it is best to have a medical opinion before commencing any therapeutic treatments.

Chronic injuries may take more time to achieve improvement and more sessions may be of benefit. It may also be worth considering regular ‘top-up’ sessions to maintain the body in it’s best state of health.