Scar treatments now available

The presence of scar tissue in the body – however big or small the outward appearance of the scar can affect the layers of tissues under the skin, causing tension and discomfort not only in the area of the scar, but it can also influence the way the whole body functions. The body is a fascinating structure and we continue to learn its’ many secrets. One of the more recent anatomical discussion revolves around the importance of the structure called Fascia and how it assists smooth and flexible movement. 

Lots of You tube clips are now available to describe this amazing web that wraps around the other tissues and organs in the body.


I have trained with Alistair McLoughlin in 2017, learning his simple effective technique.

I have also completed Sharon Wheeler’s Scarwork course in London, and repeated again in Aberavon. This method has a larger range of scar release techniques. I will be completing a specialised course in breast tissue scars in November 2018.


I see these technique as being fully complementary to my use of EMMETT Technique as they are gentle and light touch. I look forward to discussing the possibilities with existing and new clients.