Are you storing up problems with your posture?

storing up problems

The majority of clients being seen at my clinic this year have been suffering from neck, shoulder, upper back and forearm pain and restriction. The infographic above gives a clue as to why this might be so! And if the problem isn’t immediate – what are we storing up for the future?

Emmett Technique has helped restore comfortable movement, but we will also need to be aware of the way our clients use electronic media as this will cause repeated injuries unless their daily living activities are modified.

The numbers of thumb related injuries are being reported as in this article in the Daily telegraph:

Smartphones surge ‘sparks rise in thumb injuries’

Almost half of Brits have suffered thumb injuries over the last five years, thanks to the rise in smartphones, according to research.

11:51AM BST 29 Jul 2013

Of course we also have to think about what people also do to their bodies when they are using electronic equipment on the move – spot the number of people walking down the street totally oblivious of their surroundings – are there statistics anywhere of the possibility of increase in trips, slips and falls due to use of mobile phones. The danger extends to being oblivious of safety issues and stepping out into the road whilst on the phone – there are articles on this issue:

The dangers of walking and talking: Pedestrian mobile phone injuries DOUBLE in five years

  • Around 1,500 pedestrians injured while using a mobile were treated in 2010
  • Patients include a boy, 14, who fell 8ft off a bridge while talking on a phone
  • Researchers warn figures will continue to rise as mobile use increases and could double again by 2015


PUBLISHED: 10:04, 20 June 2013 Mail Online

As therapists, we need to think about these issues and help our clients minimise their risk of injury. 

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