The use of Emmett for Vocal Performers

emmett for vocal performersWhat is Emmett Technique?

It involves the application of light finger pressure at specific points, referred to as “Emmett points”. The points are not the same as traditional trigger points or acupressure points or any other points described in any other therapy.The pressure required to stimulate the EMMETT points does not need to be firm or painful. “No pain no gain” has no place in EMMETT Technique philosophy.

Clients can be treated seated, standing or lying down. It can be a standalone treatment or combined with other techniques. The treatment can be applied directly to the skin or done through clothing.

Sessions can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes if the EMMETT Technique is used alone – longer if combined with a relaxing massage or other modality.


Following a brief assessment, Emmett Practitioners use precise, light finger pressure to help muscles adjust.

  • The results are quick and lasting and often change can be experienced in just one session.
  • Treatment can be carried out without special equipment and can also be done through light clothing.
  • Each treatment is customised to the individual, matching the exact needs of the client at that time.
  • There is no need to take a break from performing to receive treatment.
  • Emmett adjustments can be carried out before or immediately after a performance.
  • It is also possible to use the treatment during a performance, maybe in an interval.

Emmett Practitioners are growing in numbers in the UK and Europe, although you may need to travel a short distance to receive treatment. In that case it may be sensible to learn some techniques to help yourself – a short course called EMM-Tech is available for all to help with self care.



Posture doesn’t need to be textbook perfect in order to sing but improving your posture is one way  of increasing your control and providing your voice with the optimum conditions for reaching its potential.

Good Posture for Singing:

  • Be relaxed and natural,
  • All movements fluid,
  • Chin level,
  • Front of neck loose,
  • Abdominal muscles relaxed,
  • Back muscles relaxed
  • Knees loose,
  • Shoulders sloping & relaxed,
  • Even balance throughout

Emmett Technique can help keep your muscles flexible and relaxed as well as helping you maintain balance. If you have an injury or disability, Emmett Technique can help you improve your movement and comfort, allowing your voice to work at its best.


Fluid movement and the ability to hold a comfortable balanced position is important to performer

As singers you will want to keep your energy for the vocal performance rather than wasting energy in keeping your body balanced and moving against stiffness.s of all kinds.

  • Efficient muscle work equals economical movement equals less energy required.
  • Many people have issues with balance.For some it will be issues with balance through the feet, for many others it will be ‘core muscle’ imbalance in the centre of the body. Both these issues can be addressed with Emmett Technique to let your voice be free.


Everyone benefits from breathing well but for singers good breathing is essential.

Emmett Technique can help you release the tense muscles which may impede good breathing – these include the diaphragm, abdominal, chest and back muscles.

What is good breathing?

  • Posture erect but not tense
  • Shoulders are broad,
  • Arms loose and hands soft,
  • Back straight but not stiff
  • Standing tall in this way allows the rib cage to be naturally open.
  • Allow your diaphragm to move down, which gives more space for the lungs to draw in more air. This is called Diaphragmatic breathing and is a great technique to master if you are serious about your singing.
  • Shallow, or upper chest breathing does not give enough volume of air to sustain notes.

In summary Emmett Technique may be considered for problems in the following areas :

  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Back & neck
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist & grip
  • Hamstrings, Quadriceps & Calf Muscles
  • Knee, ankle & foot
  • Breathing
  • Balance
  • Injury Management & Prevention
  • Stress reduction pre-performance
  • And simply for rest and relaxation

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