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Judith Johnson, Emmett Practitioner and WiRE member based in South Wales writes:

The EMMETT Technique is an unique form of body therapy developed by experienced Australian practitioner, Ross Emmett. This simple method of muscle release works as an effective stand-alone therapy or integrated with all other known bodywork systems to ease pain and discomfort and improve muscle restriction.

Ross Emmett came to the UK in 2007 to instruct a group of therapists in Emmett Technique. I was lucky to be in that first British group and I still find myself telling people that this technique is new. When I reflect on why this is still so after 8 years of practise, I firmly believe that it is because the results are sometimes so astonishing that I am constantly surprised and delighted at how clients respond. Every result feels ‘new’ and every treatment session retains the excitement factor that I felt at the start of my own Emmett journey.

A neuromuscular technique aiming to encourage the body to perform in a balanced way, an EMMETT treatment creates change within minutes by the application of light finger pressure at specific points.“No pain no pain” has no place in EMMETT Technique philosophy. Each treatment session is customised to the individual, matching the exact needs of client at that particular time. Treatment is generally performed through light clothing with the client standing, sitting or lying down, depending on their comfort. This means that it can can be carried out anywhere and anytime, as no special equipment if needed – we just need to take our Emmett fingers.

Practitioners using the Emmett technique develop skills in assessment both by sight and touch, applying their work to those areas that most need to be released, to achieve the maximum potential for each person
to overcome their discomfort. The typical issues addressed include:

• Back pain
• Neck pain & stiffness
• Headaches
• Jaw pain & stiffness
• Shoulder problems
• Elbow & Wrist problems
• Hip and Knee problems
• Thigh and Calf problems
• Ankle and foot problems
• Sports and exercise related injuries
• Respiratory & Digestive problems
• Bladder issues
• Pain experienced during & after pregnancy
• Feeding discomfort in babies
• Pain & stiffness resulting from long term
• Fatigue problems
• Stress related symptoms

We also now have practitioners who specialise in treating animals – courses for both equine and canine practitioners are now available here in the UK.
My youngest client has been 6 weeks old [with feeding problems] and the eldest has been an elderly lady aged 94 who came regularly to maintain her mobility and level of comfortable movement to retain an enviable level of independence.

A Typical Day in my practice :

The first client had been unable to move her right arm above mid chest level for many months. She had been told that it was a ‘frozen shoulder’ and that it would take around 18 – 24 months to improve. Not able to work and restricted in what she could do for herself – dressing, carrying shopping, housework; she was also getting more than a little anxious about what the next year would hold. After an assessment of movement I performed three small release moves and asked her to move the arm again within her comfort level. To her surprise the arm lifted easily by an extra 40 degrees of movement. Selective release of surrounding muscles brought even more movement.
My next client arrived in acute back pain. Being over 6 foot tall, he was spending a lot of his day at a desk, driving to see customers and then going home to help with three very active little boys. All this contributed to his mid and low back pain. Having battered his body playing Rugby he was amazed at the pain-free simplicity of the Emmett Treatment. There was great improvement in comfort during the first session. A follow up session solved the immediate issues and changes to his work and driving posture have helped his back. He continues to attend for maintenance as needed.
An elderly client arrived for help with her balance before going on holiday. She felt less secure on her feet and there was difficulty in maintaining her posture. Working with the core muscles and with the muscles of the lower legs and feet her balance was greatly improved. Feedback from family was that she had gone away and walked about happily without discomfort throughout her holiday.
A committed runner came in for what he calls ‘an MOT’ before his first Iron Man competition the following week. For sportspeople, Emmett Technique is great for checking balance and adjusting any muscles that are not as flexible as they could be, bringing easier and less laborious swimming, cycling and running actions. Later feedback was that he had successfully completed IronMan Wales – a fantastic achievement.
The last client of the day was a singer having acute problems in his neck and upper back. It seems he had been singing in a choir for some years and due to a shortage of tenors he was asked to sing above his normal singing range. He had strained his neck muscles until they felt absolutely solid! He was unable to sleep or work and could not drive his car as he couldn’t turn his head. 20 minutes later he was comfortable within a normal range of movement and left the clinic with a promise not to sing the high tenor part and my card in his pocket in case he was tempted to do so again!
I work across South Wales, including at treatment centres in Carmarthenshire, Neath and Vale of Glamorgan.; running courses for the general public (called EMM-Tech) and, from next year, for practitioner training. I am also happy to provide treatments and do talks and demonstrations for groups. You can contact me through my website at http://www.everybodysbetter.co.uk
More information about Emmett Technique and training courses for the general public, for therapists and for animal practitioners are available online at http://www.emmett-uk.com and http://www.emmett4animals.co.uk
For more information about Ross Emmett, his remarkable career, his views and qualifications please visit his
website: http://www.rossemmett.com.au