Who can be helped?

Every Body’s Better has therapies that are gentle enough for new-born babies and frail elderly clients; yet the therapies are also appropriate for the toughest rugby player or the heavy manual worker.

Helping your dog with movement, agility and comfort is also now available – in your own home in Carmarthenshire, Swansea and Bridgend areas.

I am unable to give a diagnosis for particular problems; instead the symptoms are discussed and body relaxation techniques are used as needed by each individual.

The therapies on offer are not intended to replace appropriate medical intervention and all clients are recommended to see their GP prior to receiving any complementary therapy. I am happy to discuss the therapies I offer with any medical practitioner with the consent of the client.

My youngest client has been a few days old with a foot problem and the eldest has been a lady of 95 years of age who came regularly for maintenance to her independent mobility and to ease the discomfort in her shoulders as well as to help improve general wellbeing.

What do you need help with? 

To give you some ideas of the type of work I do this is summary.

All appointments can be one off – as needed sessions. However, it is getting much more popular to think about an initial package of treatments to restore the body and then moving on to a maintenance package. 

Also available from 1st September will be a subscription for monthly treatments, paid by standing order. There is also flexibility in the subscription to allow a family to share and decide who needs a treatment in any one month. 

Services for humans – downloadable A4 list of services for people – click for pdf