I have been using EMMETT Technique for over 2 years and first discovered it at the Long Course weekend Expo in Tenby, S.Wales in June 2011. At the time, I was experiencing very tight gluteal area and was really struggling to run, I had tried stretching more and massage, but the tightness just seemed to be getting worse. I spoke with Judith at the event, and with about 5 mins of Emmett technique treatment ( mainly on my feet and IT band) the pain disappeared and I was fit to run. It was unbelievable!

I met Judith again a few months later at the Ironman Wales Expo, and again I was injured, this time it was my groin, and the injury was so sore I had been unable to run for 6 weeks. I asked Judith if she could recommend anything as I had been resting for 8 weeks already, and every time I attempted to run the pain was unbearable. After 5 mins of treatment (in my core muscles) I was fit and almost ran off the bed!

Over 6 months later in the build up of training for London marathon I experienced a stabbing pain in my knee whilst on a long run. I had to limp home and was unable to run. With this being the Wednesday before the Llanelli half marathon on the Sunday I was very upset. I saw Judith for an emergency appointment on the Thursday and was back running that evening, and did a PB in the race.

I have seen Judith regularly to prevent injury and as soon as I have a slight niggle I make an appointment and it’s very easily corrected.

I cannot recommend the technique enough and think it is something all runners should try. I have just completed my 2nd London marathon with a PB and experienced no pain and my muscles and body are fine afterwards.

I try and see Judith a few times in the lead up to big races to re-balance / iron out any slight niggles and this prevents imbalances which lead to other injures.