Emmett Technique  –  Experience a New Way in Sport Therapy

Developed by experienced Australian therapist, Ross Emmett, this simple method of hands-on muscle release works as a stand-alone therapy or alongside all other known therapies. This light-touch, neuro-muscular technique aims to encourage the body to perform in a balanced way and can create change within minutes. Emmett Practitioners develop skills in assessment by sight and touch, applying their work to those areas that most need to be released to achieve the maximum potential for each person.


Emmett works by applying light touch at very specific points as an alternative to the heavier pressure that is normally used in other sports treatments. Treatment can be carried out right up to the time of competition and even during competition.

It works by minimising injuries caused by lack of flexibility, balance or restricted range of movement. Emmett can be considered for post competition treatment to restore equilibrium after the physical demands of sport. It can be used successfully alongside existing training and treatment regimes as it is truly complementary rather than an alternative to other therapies.


WEIGHT TRAINER : Mr B is a keen gym user who works out with weights. A sharp pain in his right elbowExperience a New Way in Sport Therapy affected his weight training. He also had pain in his right knee and hip. By releasing the affected muscles in his right side he was able to return to work in the gym after two treatments.

CRICKETER : MR L is a cricketer who presented with severe pain in his right thigh causing restriction in Experience a New Way in Sport Therapymovement in the lower back, hip and leg. One Emmett treatment resolved his pain and restriction. Follow up treatments improved his general flexibility and balance. Mr L attends for maintenance before, during and after the cricket season.




RUNNER :  Mr R is a regular runner and cyclist with long standing problems following a serious sporting injury. He was finding it increasingly difficult to run without pain. Regular short Emmett sessions improved his flexibility and reduced his pain. He went on to complete a short course in Emmett Technique and uses it regularly to keep himself in top condition.


ROLLER DERBY ATHLETE : Ms J sustained an injury to her ankle during roller derby training and was Experience a New Way in Sport Therapyusing crutches for an extended period of time. During her recovery, Emmett technique was used to ease the initial pain in shoulders and forearm from using crutches as well as maintaining flexibility in the muscles of the injured leg. Following full recovery from the ankle fracture, Emmett treatment was again used to assist with balanced use of muscle groups with the aim of increasing performance and minimising the risk of further injury.


  • Pre competition adjustments
  • Balancing the work of core & abdominal muscles
  • General stability and balance
  • Breathing problems
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Reduced power grip
  • Painful / restricted ankles and feet
  • Improving flexibility
  • Injury prevention
  • Recovery after injury
  • Post competition recovery

Experience a New Way in Sport Therapy


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