It has been a busy time with lots of new clients experiencing Emmett treatments for the first time. However growing numbers of clients are also seeing and feeling the benefit of returning for regular maintenance sessions.

So what is the difference between ‘treatment’ and ‘maintenance’. Treatment is considered to be the fixing of a current problem whilst maintenance is about keeping the body feeling well and in as good a condition as it can be.

Acute Injury or Trauma Treatments
In case of acute injury the sooner the problem is addressed the better. It is preferable that you have your acute injury checked out by your GP or by an Accident and Emergency team. Once they have given the all clear for mobilisation then treatment can begin.
Long term Injury, Illness and Disability Treatments
People living with chronic pain and long term illness / disability have had time to change their patterns of posture, movement, levels of activity and to adapt or cope with the original injury or to the level of pain.
In these instances a number of treatments may be necessary to alleviate discomfort and to start people on a journey of feeling that they have more control over the physical and psychological changes that they have had to endure.
Maintenance Sessions
Follow-up Maintenance sessions are usually beneficial but the intervals between such ‘MOT’ sessions vary from client to client depending on how they use their bodies – for example:
  • People who work in difficult postures or using awkwardly designed hand tools;
  • Active sportspeople who put their bodies through strenuous training & competition;
  • People with sedentary hobbies or work involving high levels of computer use;
  • Craft workers who put in long hours at their workbenches and then spend even more hours at their craft stalls
  • Parents of  babies and young children where physical demands on the parents change as the child grows
  • People who work and/or live in stressful situations that they are unable to change
  • People living with long term disability / illness or caring for others

The list is potentially endless — the gentle treatments I offer are suitable for everyone — at all stages of life. Everyone I see is welcome to return at appropriate, self determined, intervals for maintenance sessions. Some people choose to come at regular intervals of 4—8 weeks; others schedule MOT sessions to fit in with their training schedules or just before and just after a major competition.

Other clients return when their body tells them it needs some help to feel as good as it knows it can be. For many this is a real breakthrough in managing their own health and well-being.


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