Everyone benefits from breathing well but for singers good breathing is essential.

Why use Emmett Technique for performersEmmett Technique can help you release the tense muscles which may impede good breathing – these include the diaphragm, abdominal muscles, chest, shoulders, neck and back muscles.

What is good breathing?

Posture erect but not tense – do try and keep your knees soft too

Shoulders are broad,

Arms loose and hands soft,

Back straight but not stiff

Standing tall in this way allows the ribcage to be naturally open.

Emmett Technique for singers

Allow your diaphragm to move down, which gives more space for the lungs to draw in more air. This is called Diaphragmatic breathing and is a great technique to master if you are serious about your singing.

Shallow, or upper chest breathing does not give enough volume of air to sustain notes.