Ross Emmett with Judith JohnsonRoss Emmett quotes on his website:

‘In any highly complex system there is a critical point at which the smallest input results in the greatest change.’

Following a brief assessment, Emmett Practitioners uses precise, light finger pressure to help muscles adjust. The results are quick and lasting and often change can be experienced in just one session.

Each treatment is customised to the individual, matching the exact needs of the performer at that time.

Treatment can be carried out without special equipment and can also be done through light clothing, allowing help to be given anytime and anywhere. 

There is no need to take a break from performing to receive treatment. Emmett adjustments can be carried out before or immediately after a performance. It is also possible to use the treatment during a performance e.g. in an interval.

Emmett Practitioners are growing in numbers in the UK and Europe, and indeed throughout the World. You may still need to travel a short distance to receive treatment. In that case it may be sensible to learn some techniques to help yourself. See the web page on EMM-Tech for details of the 8 hour Easy Muscle Management course which is suitable for everyone, as no prior knowledge is needed.