Guest blog - Louise FraserLouise Fraser shares her journey with Emmett Technique from a lovely beach on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales.

Revising at the beach for my #Emmett #Technique Practitioner training!

Emmett is a muscle release system using light finger pressure. It eases pain and restriction in the body and brings about a state of balance.
Here’s how I decided to learn Emmett..

I had a recurring problem that my hip felt like it had come out of alignment and my shoulders were so tight, rounded forward & very painful. It seemed I was always in pain.
I had used various other therapies which were good but it didn’t seem to last, the problem still came back.

I met Judith Johnson of Everybody’s Better in a health show and within 5 minutes she had demonstrated how Emmett Technique worked. She did a few points around my shoulder & arm and my movement was restored. I was amazed!
My sister and brother in law then went for treatments with Judith and were blown away so I decided to start seeing her regularly too.

Through Judith’s work we discovered how tight alot of my muscles were that I hadn’t realised, even my diaphragm was so restricted that i wasn’t even breathing deeply enough which was probably causing further tension.

After a few sessions with Judith, my hip pain disappeared and has NEVER come back, I could take full breaths and felt as though as I was standing upright with my shoulders in the correct position which i hadn’t experienced in years!!

Although I still get some shoulder tension from time to time (this is wear and tear through massaging and surfing), I can safely say the problems I was eGuest blog - Louise Fraserxperiencing have never returned!

After this realisation I knew I had to learn Emmett Technique for myself.. I’m already helping people through the means of Massage Therapy and I knew this would only add more and compliment that.

Half way through my training and had some amazing results in my practice, the most interesting was treating a frozen shoulder. A lady who couldn’t lift her arm for nearly 10 years can now go swimming & do front crawl.

Thank you Judith & Ross Emmett. LEGENDS!