My EMMETT storyMy journey with complementary therapies started when I took my dog to the Vet and got talking about where my plans were taking me. I had started my working life as an Occupational Therapist, but had fallen out of love with the Health and Social Services models of working.
My Vet was unusual in my area as he practised a range of complementary therapies, including Bowen Technique, mostly on horses, which were his speciality, alongside traditional veterinary practise. His encouragement set me thinking of what hands-on work I could do in the future.
I enjoyed learning Bowen technique and saw a small number of clients a week. One day a colleague in Australia told me that if I was going to learn any new therapy I just had to go and do the course being run in London by someone called Ross Emmett. I knew absolutely nothing about him or the technique – there was little information available, but I found myself trusting my internet colleague and just went for it. So off I went in early 2007 to the first ever EMMETT course in the UK. I didn’t even know that I was in this group alongside Sue Gassick and Lesley Salt – it was a large group.

Three days of learning in London, fried my brain and I left feeling that I had hardly scratched the surface of what I had actually seen happen during the course. The results were astounding but I was really worried that I wouldn’t achieve the results that other people around me seemed to be enjoying! The main problem for me was that everyone else seemed to be “feeling” things happen under their fingers and they were very vocal in saying so too! I wasn’t feeling anything happen and had decided that I couldn’t be doing it right! I very nearly didn’t go back for the next module.

What changed my opinion was that I started to use EMMETT on every single person I saw – starting by checking everyone’s neck before they left my treatment room – even if they said they didn’t have a problem! Of course, most people have a neck problem – they simply haven’t realised it. Well, I checked them all, found the problem and then fixed it quickly and simply with the EMMETT SCM move. I still wasn’t feeling anything much under my fingers but, boy, were the results amazing! Everyone went out of my door saying “Wow, that was brilliant – My neck feels so good now – how did you know?” and that was the real start to my therapy business! I had a “Wow” factor that made what I did unique!

Of course, further down the line, I too started to “feel” stuff happening and can now use these reactions to help in decision-making. The results of what I learn continues to astonish and delight my clients and myself in equal measure and there is a continuing feeling of joy in going to work! Indeed I find it very hard not to stop people in the street and offer them an instant treatment! Give me the opportunity of doing EMMETT at events, health and sporting events and I will be there at the drop of a hat! I have been known to treat people on planes and even in the baggage hall of the airport!

These days EMMETT is my life – having completed all the practitioner training and the Advanced modules. I was invited to teach the short EMMETT course and really enjoy sharing the moves with people from all walks of life.

Two years ago, Ross Emmett asked me to join the Instructor team here in the UK and also offered me the opportunity to develop EMMETT in Spain. The joy of seeing students achieve great changes even on the first day of the course on the first time they have ever used it – well it leaves me speechless and not a little emotional.

There is more to come as I am now on a path that brings my journey full circle – I am learning EMMETT for Horses with Tony Sherry here in Wales. I am someone who has never touched a horse before in my life and here I am, helping these beautiful creatures.
I need to find that Vet who started me on my journey, shake him by the hand and return the favour by introducing him to EMMETT for Horses.