Everyone has to start somewhere.

My journey started with learning the Bowen Technique – something that was very new to my area of South Wales. I enjoyed it and it was bringing me in a few clients a week – not enough to let me move into full self-employment.

So I started casting around for something else and so went off to train in Indian Head Massage and Seated Acupressure – and I found that neither of those was satisfying enough for me. I was good at remembering the routine but found it a little less than exciting to do “routines” or “protocols” for everyone.

A chance conversation online with an Australian therapist introduced me to the EMMETT Technique and the fact that it was coming to London for the first time in 2017 peeked my interest and off I went to “give it a shot”

Here I found what I was looking for – a technique that did what was necessary for people, the results were pretty instant for a lot of issues, and however many people I saw, I did something different for each one – even if they came in with similar symptoms – the cause of the problem was different for everyone. And we were even encouraged to integrate what we learnt with any previous skills.

A real breakthrough. Clients were leaving my treatment room saying “Wow” – I don’t know how you did that with just that gentle touch – but it really worked”

That Wow factor started building my business like nothing else had done and before too long I was brave enough to leave “employment” and worked for myself.

Would you like to add the Wow factor – why not come and learn with me – starting in September in Carmarthenshire or Vale of Glamorgan. See details of training on www.everybodysbetter.co.uk

 A Wow Factor Therapy – the EMMETT Technique