My journey of exploration into Complementary Therapy started with taking my dog to the vet.
I was very sceptical before seeing how it helped!

My ageing retriever, Star, was beginning to limp and not want to move so quickly, so it was time to take her to the Vet – not a visit she liked. It was usually very hard to get her out of the car if she knew where she was going!
Once inside, this big dog would do anything to hide away under my chair, on my lap, wherever. A major problem!
I realised I needed to change Vets and found an Holistic Vet not too far away. Interestingly, even on that first visit, Star walked in with tail wagging high! I was gobsmacked. A totally different dog! My Vet was unusual in my area as he & his partner practised a range of complementary therapies alongside traditional veterinary practise.

Over a few weeks of acupuncture, Bowen Therapy and homeopathy, Star was becoming brighter and more comfortable.

The Vet saw that I was interested in the therapies and suggested I have a look at doing the training to become a complementary therapist myself. He even showed me how to do some moves on Star, in between visits.

It was lovely to help Star – when she wanted help she would come and stand in front of me and not move until I had put my hands on her to help the muscles around her hip. When she had enough, off she would go, tail wagging. She taught me a lot.

Years later and I have trained to be an EMMETT4Dogs Practitioner and Tutor and look forward very much to building the “Every Body’s Better with EMMETT for Dogs “side of my business.