I want to share my excitement today at the publishing of a research paper written by my good friend and colleague, Tony Sherry, who is Senior Instructor for EMMETT4Animals in the UK & Ireland. This work was undertaken at a leading London Teaching Hospital with the participants being 58 medical and nursing staff.

The article link is as follows:


The conclusions to the study are :

“This study has proven that the EMMETT Technique is a valuable therapy for the treatment of pain and discomfort and has been particularly useful in helping one participant on long-term sick leave return to work. Additionally, as it can be done in the workplace in a short period of time without the need to remove clothing, it is a highly adaptable therapy that can be included in any work setting for the health and wellbeing of staff members. Therefore, it could be a valuable addition to any staff programme for protecting the health and wellbeing of their staff, especially where back and joint pain has been identified as a potential risk to employees. The EMMETT Technique can assist company’s and their staff in reducing sick leave from ongoing back pain.”