Why not treat your body at least as well as your car?

Introducing the Body MOT & Service

Some needs are easily catered for in one session – often called an MOT & Service session by my clients. Just like for a car or van – an MOT checks that everything is in sound working order and if not, a repair or service is called for.

Some clients like to have a bi-annual check-up to see that all is running smoothly – a great way of thinking about looking after your body.  For some it is 6 monthly – for others it is 3 monthly. It all depends on what you do with your body 

  • do you have a physically demanding job?
  • do you have a stressful pressured job?
  • are you managing a medical condition that needs regular assistance for your muscles?
  • do you take part in high intensity sports?

Reminders are sent out – a bit like your regular dental checks or bookings are made ahead of time. 

If you need more regular monthly treatments then you may want to consider a membership package: a package that offers not only a monthly treatment where I can help you with anything that ails you at the time of the appointment, but also some great discounts. 

aches and pains - need a body MOT