This month I am focussing on the sport of Golf, with posts on injury rates, quotes from famous golfers and some ideas on how Every Body’s Better can help you.

EMMETT is great for golfers of all abilities – including children, beginners, amateurs and professionals who can all benefit hugely from the small gentle adjustments that can be made quickly and simply.

Sharon Wheeler ScarWork can also be of great benefit for flexibility and movement patterns. I help people who have had all types of surgery and also trauma to soften and release the tissues around a problematic scar. Many people don’t realise how much a scar can affect the movement and comfort of the whole body and how compensation patterns set in following injury or surgery. ScarWork is also a gentle hands-on therapy and complements the EMMETT Technique beautifully. 

Some of the ways I can currently help you:

  • keep those muscles flexible & comfortable,
  • allow your body to rotate to its full potential,
  • improve your balance,
  • improve your stance and posture
  • sort out your grip,
  • keeping your mobility to allow you to walk the course,
  • keeping your skin and fascia moving better following surgery or trauma,
  • treatment after a golfing injury,
  • treatment after a non golf-related injury to get you back to playing comfortably,
  • relaxation treatments before and after competition or tournaments,
  • pre-club fitting sessions – to ensure that your posture is at its’ best
  • learn a package of self care methods that are easy to apply to keep you moving well
  • visit your club to demonstrate and talk about Every Body’s Better 

Enjoy your golf more.
Single appointments and Get ready for Golf packages are available. Message me.