Three additional days of learning have made me really excited about how Scar Therapy can help people with all sorts of scars – traumatic as well as surgical. It really does not matter how old the scar, but it is often better to start treatment as soon as the medical team is happy to allow this gentle therapy to start.
This is usually around 8 – 10 weeks. Working with the medical oncology team is really important during active cancer treatments and a letter is usually required to be sent to the consultant, to ask advice and permission to continue.

Other scars e.g. Caesarian, joint replacement, post fracture repair, are also good to work with to reduce the pulling and tension a scar can bring both to the area of the scar, but also to the rest of the body.

I enjoy using my other body skills of gentle muscle and soft tissue release to help re-balance and restore the whole body.

I can now also help with getting your mind in the right place with Rapid Transformational Therapy.